Khonology aspires to continue to rise into Africa’s leading data and digital enabler that empowers our continent’s businesses and people to unlock their full potential through technology.




We have a strong foundation of knowledge now; but we also actively work to remain ahead of the thinking curve…

We proudly boast some of the brightest minds with the best applied knowledge in business and technology, which forms the very foundation on which our business is built. But in this ever-evolving business landscape, knowledge has no beginning, and no end. For this reason, we invest constantly and substantially, to ensure our team is au fait with the latest and most advanced technology and insights that are way ahead of the thinking curve.


We believe that collectively, we can shape the future and establish an African legacy…


One of our own African proverbs captures the significance of this best: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Because we see ourselves in Africa’s future, as part of our continent’s legacy, we encourage and embrace collaborations with our clients and partners to ensure that the ‘whole’ solution we collectively create, is ‘greater than the sum of its parts.’


Longevity in business, is about being able to reinvent yourself, or invent the future.’


It is our personal pledge that we will leave every one of our clients in a more advantageous position than what we found them. But this principle of transformation reaches beyond the businesses of our clients, to our own, as we apply a principle superbly defined by none other than the iconic Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation. As such, we hold ourselves accountable to either constantly reinvent ourselves, or to invent the future.








(Master of Science – Financial Markets and Information Systems: London Metropolitan)

An ex-banking technologist turned entrepreneur with close to a quarter of a century of hands-on industry experience, Michael has solidly earned his sterling reputation for sustained achievement. Perhaps more importantly, Michael has become a living example of working for a higher purpose by establishing Khonology through building up our African people and businesses. Michael’s genuine passion for making a difference, also becomes evident in his involvement in the JAG Foundation, that utilizes sport and play as educational tools to uplift children from communities with little to no opportunities. On a day-to-day basis, Michael is just deeply grateful that he is in a position to touch lives and work with ‘great people, proving that Africa has great talent.’ As simple, yet as powerful as that.




(Bachelor of Business Science – Accounting and Economics, Post Graduate Diploma – Corporate Governance)

Dapo is the very personification of Madiba’s quote that states a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. Apart from being the sentinel of the life blood of Khonology, its cash flow, Dapo also co-founded Ikhono Forum and Ikhono Holdings, and serves as a member of Unleashing Leadership Potential, a company that aims to identify, grow, nurture and unleash potential in people. It therefore comes as no surprise that his proudest achievement at Khonology to date, is the fact that he played a significant role in upskilling more than 300 young Africans, in financial and digital literacy. This speaks right to the mantra that Dapo lives, breathes and works by daily: Always standing in integrity and seizing every opportunity to affect change. It also explains his passion for the work of Khonology: To leverage technology as a powerful tool to help businesses transform and thrive.




(Bachelor of Laws, Certificate in Mining Laws)

Testimony to the fact that she is a true female powerhouse, Lerato’s decade-plus professional career includes being invited to participate in the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list, as well as the U.S. Department of State Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership for 2019. As part of the Khonology leadership team, her deep insights into the major impact of the legal environment that businesses operate in, is invaluable for the proactive unlocking of sustainable growth for the company’s clients. But ultimately, the internal barometer that governs Lerato on a daily basis, is a belief that is best captured by Marcus Tullius Cicero: ‘The good of the people is the greatest law.’ For this reason, Lerato feels honored that she could play a part in the founding of the Unleashed Leadership Development Foundation, which amongst others, connects unemployed youth with work and study opportunities. Lerato shines a light for these young people and everyone else that crosses her path by demonstrating the courage to always be authentic and remain true to her values and convictions.




(Master of Business Administration, BA Degree and diplomas in Advanced Labour Law, Personnel Management and Payroll Administration)

Nancy’s contribution to Khonology is perhaps best articulated in the words of Dave Bookbinder: ‘The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital.’ Ever mindful of the people behind the processes, Nancy strives to ensure that people across all levels of the organization are fully engaged, inspired and empowered to step into the highest possible versions of their personal and professional selves. Her proudest achievements include the establishment of a truly diverse, gender equal and inclusive workforce, as well as her ongoing efforts to encourage more women to join the tech space and rise into leadership roles. Whilst she works tirelessly to attract and retain top talent at Khonology ‘by day,’ she also helps to unlock the talent of teenage girls at an orphanage in Lesedi Village ‘by night,’ through providing them with support and mentorship. In the same way, she motivates herself daily, she attempts to wake these girls up to their own unlimited potential.




(Bachelor of Business Science, International Diploma in Marketing and Communication)

As the main initiator of symbiotic partnerships between Khonology and its clients, Africa has not only made a major contribution to the growth of African businesses but also to the growth of the people of our Mother Africa. In his own words: ‘I am deeply honored to have played a central part in molding hundreds of African people who were formerly excluded, to take their rightful place on the technology industry stage.’ Africa has a deep-rooted mindset that quitting is never an option when you are striving to be the best. With his can-do attitude, he is committed to ensuring that Khonology continues to leverage the power of data and technology to enable business and society as a whole. His commitment to advance the world he moves in, reaches beyond his work at Khonology, to his involvement as a member of the Unleashing Leadership Potential Foundation, as well as co-founding Ikhono Capital, an angel investor in the small businesses of African entrepreneurs.




(Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Corporate Finance and Investments)

A total stickler for detail, accuracy, and efficiency, Mosa has over the years made sure that excellence has become a signature trait of Khonology. Some of his proudest moments since he has joined the company include establishing a Data Science Academy in 2017 and playing a part in the Investec Youth Entrepreneurship Programme that was hosted in Singapore in 2018. Dr Steve Mariboli said that the truth of your character is expressed through your actions. Mosa is a sterling example of this principle, as he does not only stand for maintaining an impeccable character, but it actually becomes visible in the way he manages his life, from day today. Mosa is extremely grateful for the cards life has dealt him and pays it forward through his involvement in the Unleashing Leadership Potential Foundation, as well as pro bono coaching and mentoring of young people from less advantaged communities.